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Los Niteliters is a Tejano band based in San Jose, California. The band traces its origins to the 1970’s, when the Espinoza family of Hollister, California founded it. Over the years the band evolved through various genres of Latino music and in the last three decades has developed into one of Northern California’s favorite bands playing a wide range of music from Tejano, cumbias, funk and R&B.

Los Niteliters have played at local bay area clubs and private parties with much success and have gained a large following. The band has also shared the stage with Tejano artists such as: Jimmy Gonzalez y Grupo Mazz, Little Joe y La Familia, Ruben Ramos, Esteban Jordan, Los Texmaniacs, Volcan, Bob Gallarza, Emilio Navaira, Jaime Y Los Chamacos, Estrella, La 45, Conjunto Califas, The Texas Tornados and Freddy Fender to name a few. They have also received favorable reviews about their music from Grammy-winning Flaco Jimenez and Max Baca.

Los Niteliters pride themselves on presenting Chicano/Latino Music in all its greatness during their live performances where the strong energy of this vibrant music comes alive. The band displays great stage presence with the contributions of quality, veteran, musicians.  Ajua!

Band Members



Jesus "Chuy" Covarrubias
Salinas, CA
Lead Vocals, Accordion, Keyboards, Alto Saxophone

Jesús (Chuy) has been playing music professionally most of his life.  Early on he played with Tejano band “Los Latinos” and “The Latin Soul Band”.  While studying Music and Chicano studies at the University of California at Berkeley, he joined Dr. Loco's Rockin' Jalapeño Band, where he gained valuable experience touring and recording.  Chuy completed Doctoral coursework at UCSC (2007).  He holds a Master's degree in Education from Stanford University (1995), a B.A. from U.C. Berkeley and is a Tenured Professor of Ethnic Studies/Mexican American Studies at S.J. City College and adjunct Professor of Mexican American Studies and Social Science at San Jose State University.  In additionto his musical versatility Chuy brings his Music production experience to Los Niteliters.  


Joaquin “JJ” Covarrubias
Salinas, CA

The most recent addition to Los Niteliters (2016), Joaquin brings new energy to the band.  His Trumpet playing, together with his father’s sax, allows the band greater opportunities to expand from conjunto to the orchestral sounds of the past.  Joaquin has been a member of the award-winning Palma High School band (Salinas, CA) and will be graduating in 2018.



Bobby Espinoza
Hollister, CA
Bass Guitar and Vocals
Bobby has been playing bass guitar most of his life and is one of the original members of Los Niteliters.  His father, Elias Espinoza founded the band in the 1960’s.  Bobby’s knowledge and experience with Tejano music provides for a driving, rhythmic bass, which is so fundamental to the band’s danceable style.  Bobby lives and works out of San Jo' and is well respected amongst bay area musicians!  



Albert "El Golden-Fingers" Garcia
Modesto, CA
Accordion, Precussion and Vocals

Originally from Modesto, California, Albert comes from a family of musicians with roots in Texas.  He started playing accordion at a very young age and has developed into one of only a handful of premier accordionists in California (the Baddest this side of the Rio Grande).  He enjoys jamming with his cousins in Texas Funk as well as doing it Cali-Jano style with Los Niteliters.  In addition, Albert has added to the band’s versatility playing timbales, congas and drums to spice up the cumbias!  


Jesse "Mr. Manitas" Mejia"
San Jose, CA
Congas and Bongos

Jesse brings a wealth of percussion knowledge to Los Niteliters.  Early on, Jesse formally studied a variety of Conga patterns and is very skilled percussionist.  He has worked with many bay area groups and is in high demand.  His skills bring the ear candy to the cumbias that are so popular with Los Niteliters!



Charlie "El Compadre" Montoya
El Paso, TX
Electric Guitar, Bajo Sexto and Vocals

Originally from El Paso, TX, Charlie made his way to California by way of Stanford University where he earned his B.S. in Biology.  He currently works by day as a Hearing Officer for San Mateo County and by night as one firme guitar player.  Also formerly with Dr. Loco's Rockin' Jalapeño Band, Charlie brings versatility to Los Niteliters with Elec. Guitar, Bajo Sexto and Bass.  His strong stage presence adds to the great show the band puts on!  


Joe "Tejano Drummer #1" Qlguin
La Joya, TX
Drums and Band Manager

A native Tejano, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. has been playing drums all of his life.  He brings a very rich knowledge of Tejano music and of the "double-kick", which makes Tejano music so unique and danceable.  In the Texas scene Joe worked with "Los Sheekanos" and other trailblazers of La Onda.  Joe holds the distinction of being being inducted into the Tejano Music Hall of Fame in Alice, Tx.  By day he is a Welding Supervisor and a proud father of three.  His wealth of experience provides that great consistent back-beat for Los Niteliters!


losniteliters_conustedes.jpgTheir debut CD, “Con Ustedes” (June, 2002) features a wide range of styles that make up Los Niteliter’s Music. With five original songs including the popular hits, “Ando Muy Arrepentido” and “La Coqueta”, Los Niteliters made a big impact on the Tejano Music scene. In addition, this CD includes their own renditions of some all-time classics like, “Puño De Tierra” and “Caballo Viejo” as well as a cumbia version of the Van Morrison tune, “Brown-Eyed Girl”.


Tlosniteliters_calijano_style.jpghe 2nd CD was titled—“Calijano Style” (2008). Calijano style blends both the California and Tejano roots of the musicians in the band. The CD features new original music and rearrangements of great classics like, “El Año Viejo” and “Por Una Mujer Casada” with guest appearances by Grammy-winning artists, Max Baca and David Farias.



LosNiteliters.jpegTheir newest CD, "The Tradition Continues" (2017) is a celebration of over three decades of performing together. With remakes of the classic, "Summertime" and tributes to traditional Texas Conjunto music with the "Old Skool Medley", and the original, “Ya Era Tiempo” this CD seeks to celebrate southwestern musical styles that have influenced the band!



CD "The Tradition Continues" For Sale On-Line:

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